a new adventure

It's been a long time coming this little dream of mine.  Over the past couple of years I've gone from wishing and dreaming, to making things happen.  I never thought I could call myself a "photographer".  That title was special, reserved for the many photographers that I follow via instagram or blogs, but I certainly was not worthy of it.  Through this journey I've learned to pick up my camera and tell a story.  This little blog of mine is now a place for my stories and yours.  The stories of new life, of growing, of love, and most of all, the beauty stored in the day to day.  As the years pass I see more and more the beauty in the simplicity and complexity of our daily lives and I want to capture it!  I don't remember a single portrait session taken when I was a child but I remember sitting on my grandmother's porch shucking corn.  I remember climbing the apple tree and several hours later smelling the goodness of fresh baked pie.  My family has pictures of those moments and I cherish them!  They are part of my story.  Stories are meant to be told, memories shared; passed down from generation to generation.  As you get to know me I hope that you will invite me in and allow me to share your story.