Highlands Ranch Lifestyle Photographer- Daddy's Home

I'm hard pressed to think of many better sounds than the shriek and squeals of this baby boy when he sees his daddy walk through the door.  The excitement and smiles are just uncontainable.  

These thighs...oh so ticklish!   And they just beg to be squeezed.  

This last one makes this momma's heart just about burst.  This is a daily ritual for these boys.  Everyday when Sean comes home Asher goes upstairs with him while he washes his face, brushes his teeth and hangs up his suit.  Sean talks to Asher and Asher hangs onto his every word.  This picture isn't technically great by any means but as my baby continues to grow and will one day be a man just like his daddy, I know that I will cherish this one and the memories that come with it.  For me, these are the moments that Lifestyle photography is all about, the everyday and the beauty within it.