The Glow of a Mother


As I've already started to, I will be slowly revealing the changes that 2015 is bringing to Amy Melissa Photography.  This past year I became a mother, by far the most profound and challenging experience of my life thus far.  Becoming a mother as I was still starting my photography journey has helped me to define the "what" and the "why".  Why do certain images grip me?  What is it that I feel?  Why am I drawn to photography?  The realness and beauty of everyday life, Lifestyle Photography, is staying with me; but my focus is growing towards Motherhood Photography.  Motherhood Photography is the capture of connection, relationship, and emotion.  Images should draw you as the viewer in to that moment and bring those same things up in you.  For me, Motherhood imagery is a place that I can rest, someplace to sit for awhile and feel the connection in beautiful and yes, at times, also painful ways.  It's not quite something that I can adequately describe but it's my hope that as the days and months progress, I can show you.