Change. Denver Documentary Photographer

It's been a season of change for us here.  A season of growing and learning.  My baby is one and perhaps one of these days I'll get caught up and blog his birthday and if I'm really ambitious, his first Christmas!  But it's these moments as we slowly leave the baby days behind and enter the newness of the toddler phase that my heart is bursting.  I don't think I'm ready but it's happening whether I like it or not.  We're fading out the bottle.  It might just be his favorite thing in the world.  I think if he had to choose between me and his bottle, the winner would be clear.  Due to his great bottle love we're starting to fade it now, with the hopes that it will be easier.  And it has been!  Thank goodness.  We're still in the midst of the process but I took these knowing that the end of the bottle was near and I know I'll miss it.