A Moment in Time, Fort Collins Baby Photographer

This season of life is a busy one.  You mama's and papa's know... From sunrise wake ups, to sippy cups, kissing boo boos, stepping on legos, and a million requests for snacks, it never ends.  Sometimes we just want a moment of peace, a chance to breathe in the midst of all the busy.  But then sometimes there are moments where you become overwhelming thankful that you get to do the chaos because the thought of starting your morning without it is completely unbearable.  Our littlest gave us quite a scare this weekend and gave us reason for our very first ER visit ever as parents.  She is A-okay but our hearts stopped beating for a moment and the worry of all the "what ifs" was overwhelming.  So the day after, I snuck in during nap time to make sure she was breathing, because that's what us mamas do, and captured her calm.  As a Fort Collins baby and family photographer I adore these secret moments, the tiny details that make up who they are.  For me these images are a balm to my mama's heart, as the sounds and images of the accident have left me skittish and worried, seeing her peaceful breath and feeling the warmth of her cheeks leave me knowing that we are so so very blessed.